The Jacksons sing “Never Can Say Goodbye" at Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on March 25, 1983.


when someone with no real authority over you tells you to do something



There are a lot of sad scenes in Mork and Mindy, but this one I think is one that takes the cake. Mork feels like he’s all alone in the world because he’s made Mindy mad at him and Exidor, who is seriously insane, call him crazy and now he’s all alone with no where to go or anyone to talk to.

Looks like a fun gang.

Sept 30 - Leaving London’s O2 Arena

Sept 30 - Leaving London’s O2 Arena


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Monica Elizabeth Geller-Bing (Friends)

Let’s go. Wait, I gotta watch this guy’s bag.


Britney Spears: The Best of The Intimate World Tour